The Practical Self-Management Intensive

  • Starts (CET): 4/11/19
    20:00h - 22:00h

    Ends: 2/12/19

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The Practical Self-Management Intensive will help you transform your workplace, and yourself. The future of work is here, and it demands that we re-examine our assumptions about power, hierarchy and leadership.

To change work cultures, we need to develop new leadership skills — and learn how to develop those capacities in everyone we work with. We need to un-learn those practices that no longer serve, and step up into a whole new level of potential. Self-management is a never-ending process of learning — about the broader functions of an organization, our own capacity and confidence to step into roles and collaboration and trust.

The Intensive is a 5-week immersive online course designed to give you the practical tools and knowledge to up your leadership game.

Working with a cohort, you will learn by doing. With an intentional mix of theory, inspiration, project work, publishing and self-organizing, you will Work Out Loud and learn from your coaches and your peers.

Meet the trainer

Susan Basterfield Better Work TogetherSusan Basterfield is one of the world's leading practitioners of organisational self-management, helping individuals and organisations release potential through participatory organising. She is a Foundation Director of Enspiral and has authored two books: Reinventing Scaleups and Better Work Together.




In this course you will learn:

  • How to create agreements and commitment
  • How to organise yourself and your company differently
  • How to blend your personal and professional development journey
  • An understanding of what it means to be Teal, Deliberately Developmental, and to bring your whole self to work

Course Structure

Key information
  Dates 4/11 - 2/12
  Length  5 weeks
  Effort  4 to 6 hrs weekly

 Weekly Online Video calls
(2 hrs Mon, 1 hr Fri)

  Times  CET 8PM/EST 2PM/PST 11AM


Each week, we’ll dive into different topics that will lay the foundation for your self-management development:

Week 1 — Agency and Commitment
Week 2 —Business as  Community
Week 3 — Deliberate Development
Week 4 — Prototyping
Week 5 — Working Out Loud

The course also features guest appearances from thought leaders in the field, giving you the opportunity to ask them questions and learn from their experience. Previous special guests have included inspiring practitioners like Doug Kirkpatrick (cofounder of the Morning Star Self-Management Institute), Helen Sanderson (founder of Wellbeing Teams), Joshua Vial (founder of Enspiral) and Samantha Slade (author of Going Horizontal). 

What you will walk away with 

  • Learn how to do and be the Future of Work
  • Get proficient at delivering prototypes and collaborating
  • Practice with supportive coaches and peers

What have others said about this course
Watch our testimonials from past participants (who joined when this coures was still run as part of "Leadwise"). 

Admission fees

Early Bird: 700 €

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Regular Price: 1500 €

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